Thursday, July 3, 2008

And I said to the Man at the Gate

I walked up... and I said to the man at the gate
It's busy down there... am I able to wait?
There's so much to do on earth!
He looked very sad but said with a smile
Come your time for the gate
there's no waiting a while
For your time spent on earth
is not measured in work
or even in good that you do
It comes for inside and a thing you don't hide
A God that you know, not a task to be done.

I sat down... and I said to the man at the gate
The life that I lived was not always so true
But t'was a desire that I wanted to do.
The task seemed so big and the faith was so small
Time, energy, will, seemed always too few.
He seemed to know what I meant
about time well spent
and regret about wanting to wait
It's a thing we all face when we look at God's grace
A measure that we weren't asked to do.

I bowed down... and I cried to the man at the gate
Oh, what have I done, for I've made nought of the Son
And His sacrifice given for me.
It wasn't the 'shoulds' or even the 'coulds'
That made me a child of God
It's His love from inside that gives joy to the 'do'
It's easy to show when you're willing to grow

I stood up.... looked up... and said to the man at the gate
I'll walk throught the gate, not for what I have done
But t'was the life of the Son that gave me the access here.
It's more than just works though that is a progression
Of an inward confession that seems only nautral to do.
Though I counted it joy to serve my Lord,
The regrets were alwys there too
But if access to heaven were dependant on striving to do
The measure would never be reached by many.
It's His love that constrains us and not all the guilt.
And I'll meet Him with joy in my faith
Through His measure of grace I will look in His face
And rejoice in His sacrifice given.

Then the man at the gate smiled and nodded and said:
Let's not discount works for they have to be done,
To fulfill His commission on earth
But away with your yardstick when measuring your worth
As a criteria for entering here.
This entrance was paid but in so doing,
His love compelled you to show,
T'was not out of fear, for His work was all finished.
As He said on the cross long ago.
Accept and go on for life in the Son,
Is a daily faith-walk of grace.
When you walk up that hill and look in His face,
You'll know your battle is won.

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