Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Singing Praises Unto Him

Father, you said if we do not praise you the rocks will cry out
How can we fail to acknowledge you, why do we still doubt?
Even the birds in the trees trill their praises to Thee
I pause to acknowledge it is you, only you that set me free!
All nature joins the chorus and surely the listener must perceive
When all around us is evidence to cause us to believe.
The firmament beams down imploding the evidence of you,
How can man stand before you and claim he never knew?
You constantly watch over us with your infinite eye,
And we blatantly curse you and ask for reasons why.
We see not the tapestry you are weaving at the other side
Yet evidence of a Master Craftsman still cannot be denied.
Your word tells us we were created to simply praise you
There is evidence of a creator throughout all that we do.
Yet still we hold back though marvelling the skies,
Knowing you’ve used the foolish things to confound the wise.
We only have to pause, reflect and finally decide
To realize it was because of our sins you hung and you died.
I’ve pledged to raise my hands giving evidence of praise
And serve you unflinchingly to the end of my days.

1 comment:

J & L said...

You should call it "A Psalm of Praise". Profoundly uplifting! Thanks for sharing Vonnie.