Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Precious Life-Giver, Ruler of our life forces.
Great Physician, from whom flows healing water courses.
You, who sees our needs before our hands we raise.
We present our petitions to you in an attitude of praise.

Our needs are many, and all you infinitely know.
That when we are weak, your power then you show.
We want it all our way, the seeds that we have set
If we can but manipulate, our answers then we’ll get.

We are like the blind man begging, "Oh please let us see!".
Not realizing there may be other ways you desire to set us free.
We say we long for heaven while living here today,
When talking with each other this is what we say.

We go through the motions of asking when we pray.
But have our plans set out before we bargain you to say,
"Grant our request Lord", then maybe we’ll follow through
To do what all along was your plan for us to do.

We say we long for Heaven while enjoying the ‘Here’ today.
When talking with each other this is what we say.
We’re taught not to get too comfy for heaven is our home.
Always to have our suitcase packed while listening for your ‘phone.

There is lots for us to do on earth while waiting for that call,
But oft times we run on ahead and that is when we fall.
We have our own road map folded, labelled in such a way
So obvious we’re the driver and too soon we forget to pray.

Father God, you whose eye sees the baby sparrow fall
Who told us in your word that you love us best of all.
Teach us how to take our hands right off the driver’s wheel
Allow your Spirit to show us how we should act and feel.

You said ,"Take my yoke upon you", that you would guide us through
As the bit becomes soft in the horse’s mouth you’ll lead us home to you.
Precious Life-Giver, Ruler of our life forces.
Forgive us Great Physician, when we make such foolish choices.


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