Friday, December 19, 2008

Shop Until You Drop

They are starting their plan earlier every year.
Attempting to drum up all your Christmas cheer.
Already their training you just to not think.
Ensure you carry charge cards and sign in red ink!

They’ll advertise months ahead, play tunes in your head.
Colourful flyers come to ensure that they’ll be read.
But, it’s not needed, why think to save up instead?
Come January such a shock, the Bank’s in the red!

Consumers consume and don’t even question why.
Accumulate and store until things are piled high.
Gadgets continue to grow at an enormous rate,
All new from last year, they’ve got you in a state.

Your children play into the "got to have it" too.
Leaving you in a quandary of just what to do.
Searching the aisle for something to catch your eye
You feel you’ve been fooled and not even sure why.

You’re not sure where you’ll find God in all this push
Or even find time to reason and think in this rush.
Food to feed thousands gets thrown out every year
You’ll eat some more, avoiding the scale with such fear.

Come January they’ll clear at half-price like last year
But somehow they absconded with your joy and your cheer.
And leaving in their place a sharp and bitter taste
They took the Christ out of Christmas leaving such a waste.

And you vow you won’t get ‘sucked’ in again next time.
This crassness of "Ho Ho" is just merely another sign.
They used another religious holiday to steal your last dime!

Vonnie Mostat

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