Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Lord, I have had such a dry Winter
Oh Father! It was oh so very dry !
There were times when I had not prayed
And all that I could do was to sit and cry.

Like aging bones on dry barren sand,
losing my grip, letting go of your hand.
Questions were many and my answers were few.
There seemed to be nothing of self I could do.

I saw myself groping, it was pain hard to bear.
The burden did not lift, not even in prayer.
Everything of self that I had attempted to do
And all that was left was waiting on you.

I looked to my brother and sister in you,
Did they have the answer to what I should do?
Do they sit there in judgment at my futile desire
To create once again inside me your fire?

Then like a fresh rain you came again to me
Filling my cistern and setting me free.
And I soaked you up refreshing anew,
Finding my rest, depending always on you.
Showing me kindly just what I should do.

I prayed, wanting direction to be led by your hand
Having done all I gathered strength to just stand.
Leaning on friends that were there all the time,
It was your Spirit that sent them a sign.

I see in their eyes there’s no judgment of me
Only wanting to help, for they know and they see.

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