Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Portrait of Our Church

I close my eyes and visualize a portrait of our church hanging on the wall of my mind.
I can see your face, and can call most by name; sadly there are some I cannot find.
So many new faces, such vitality here; phenomenal growth all through the year!
Changes have been made, with more to come; but the thought does not bring fear.

I look at the portrait knowing we are part of it, and feeling some momentary pride.
Knowing it took work and prayer to create this unity, binding talents side by side.
But I see the growth, not only in size, but by looking deeply into familiar eyes.

This is a church of ordinary people expecting extraordinary things to take place.
We determine not to be a church tied up in culture or concerned by looks or race.
Over there are our pastors, busy leaders, weekly expounding the word of God
They know their God given mandate is to ensure our feet are adequately shod.

So strong and yet humble our shepherds try to accomplish a tremendous feat
In challenging us they are driven to see we’re not here just to warm a seat.
I see in this picture brave people aligning their convictions with God’s word.
People whose sustenance is taken from the messages they have heard.
Messengers with open ears and hearts passing on the words they learned
Scriptures preached to us have left their mark and in our minds are burned.

It is no simple picture behind my eyes that depicts not just your face
But one of my brothers and sisters in Christ all saved by amazing grace.
So do not laugh when I talk about the picture behind my eyes wall
Because to me it reminds me once again of God’s greatest gift of all.

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