Friday, August 21, 2009

The Why Within You

You fuss and you fret and you question the reason why
Things are so out of control, and so to God you cry.
When in such despair and you don’t know what to do,
And the question ‘why’ is reaping torment upon you.
Who is running your life, and what is managing you?

What is disturbing you and frustrating you so?
Are the trials of this world bringing you down low?
And why do you flit around like a moth to the light
That will burn you up before it becomes night?
Are the world’s expectations just too hard for you?

When you turned your ownership papers over to Him
Can you truthfully say that you confessed your sin?
Did you relinquish control as He cleansed you within?
If life’s twists and turns are sending you into a spin,
Something is amiss, just what is troubling you?

Sometimes God allows all the confusions in your days
To give strength and teach lessons meant to mend ways.
Time to re-evaluate what is so easily frustrating you,
Things are out of place, His message not getting through.
Stress is merely the indicator of a poor point of view.

We need to release the “why’s” to the Physician’s control.
What troubles the mind also affects the body and soul.
How can the struggle of inner conflict keep you whole?
Christ came and died to cleanse us all and set us free,
From the sin of fret and worry that sore troubles Thee.

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