Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wayfarers Road

Be my witness, this is not the road less travelled!
For countless people have passed this way before.
They are sojourners in this life seeking many things.
They have a God-shaped vacuum ready to be filled.

Others are enquirers searching for mind enlightenment.
Desiring substance in a changing world they wander.
Bereft and hungry they search out all forms of religion.
Where did they come from? And will they be forevermore?

Man sees so little, knows even less, so much unproved.
So their enquiring spirit tells them there is something more.
Science changes like the wind stirring up doubts like the
Desert sands shifting, changing every more, unrecognized.

Science tells them there is no God, no plan and no thereafter
Can they risk all they know at the gambling table of life?
What dice these men throw at us, ever changing, nescient.
And in their quest they long for constancy and truth.

A road that will not waver but remains unswerving.
So they seek religious persuasions, empty yet tempting.
For man was made for fellowship with God yet somehow
In the depth of their being they know, and they cry out.

For only one can provide them with clarity and certainty.
None but Christ can satisfy, and the Spirit calls come!
Sit at the wedding table and feast, hunger no more.
He who is thirsty drink from the well that will not go dry.

Cease your desert wanderings, chasing false Gods.
That will only dry up your bones and leave you wanting.
Seek out the true God, He will provide you with His peace.
As Paul did, you will meet Him on your Damascus Road.

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