Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seven Days of Prayer

Seven days of prayer renew my mind and change my perception
The more time I spend with you the more you show me direction.
“Living on the daily bread and drinking at the fountain head”
They are not just words of a song that are so easily said.

They are words of praise acknowledging the very essence of you.
I know, because I choose to spend my time praying through.
Bubbling up within my heart is eagerness and not defeat.
It is a burning inside me, I simply must sit at your feet.

Prayer is such joyous conversation to share daily with you.
Words of praise I give to a God whose word is ever true.
No quick platitudes or verses said as I fly out the door
Not satisfied with my wants, digging deeper I want more.

If only I had realized the importance of prayer in my life.
It would have saved so much struggle and vanquished strife.
I want to love you freely and to see you in the light of salvation,
Stripped of vanity and pride, and from you no condemnation.

I know that if I had simply surrendered all my burdens to you
You would not only take up my burdens you’d carry me too.
How complex I am that I come to lay troubles at your feet
But only when I reach the point that I realize my defeat.

Yes, the seven days of prayer mean a heavenly point of view.
If I am in your chosen place here I am ever talking to you.

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