Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It is as if a living entity transgresses my unseen mind.
Filling my head with thoughts that I never expected to find.
I am deep in prayer, thoughts of God refreshing my soul.
Then in an instant all is changed and he tears my life apart.

It is then a fleeting shadow, Satan captures me once again.
With needless trivia he causes me so much shame and pain.
For he has stolen my thought life, destroyed my desire to pray.
And he has replaced it with endless lists or needless fears
More abhorrent is the fact that he’s been doing this for years!

He doesn’t restrict his thought-theft to my devotions at home,
He even attacks me when I am listening to music all alone.
I’ve even found him in my church pew sitting right next to me.
His critical spirit changes my focus until through his eyes I see.

I’ve caught him before Communion; learned to prepare ahead.
If I didn’t fight to contest him, the message goes over my head.
He is wily and so wicked and he knows the weakest part of me.
I feel such a deluded failure when his scheming I do not see.

Depart from me I often shout, for I know your name so well!
Oh if only I could send you to the deepest depths of hell!
These thoughts have no part to play in God’s own worship time.
I want no portion of you here and I stand and draw the line.

But alas my peace he has broken and filled my heart with fear!
For if I commence talking to Satan he has stolen my very ear!
Through a ‘chink’ in my mind he then controls my worship hour
Causing me to cry out to God, “Send down Your Holy Power!”

To annihilate this devil who knows where my weaknesses lie
To allow this spawn of darkness to invade my worship time.
With thoughts so wicked I scarcely can believe they are mine!
I determine to become more aware, I will not cower and cry.

I have the power of the Spirit given to me with full control.
I have been given plenteous verses of scripture available to extol.
God’s word says he searches to and fro to find whom he may devour,
But my God is always listening and I must draw upon His power.

Being more assertive I will strike even before I commence to pray.
Using stronger language claiming Jesus blood, demand he goes away.
And one day I am going to meet the devil on equal battle ground.
I will then have all of my armor on, and scripture will be found.
He’ll whisper a word, a sly suggestion, in that way he tends to do.
And I will be prepared for him, Lord the battle will be won by YOU!

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