Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SONlight of My Day

Barely has another new day begun
When you come to me as the morning sun.
Breaking the light after a night of pain.
Showing me your love and care once again.

Sometimes the sun shines ever so bright,
But inside there are clouds as dark as night.
I thank you Lord that you are my all in all.
You sooth my pain when there is a squall.

No matter how difficult the road I travel gets
You hold my hand until once again the sun sets.
Always by my side, always you are my guide.
You experienced pain and rose again, death defied.

How can even I murmur at my own happenstance!
It was you that died and offered me a second chance.
My Praise of you obliterates the focus on myself.
I’m certain it is prayer that is changing my health.

You wipe my tears and make the pain go away.
You let hope shine bright when troubles are at bay.
You inspired life in me when no-one else could.
You’re my rock, my stronghold where I have stood

You told me to be aware and keep my armour on.
The victory of battle was one that you have won.
I will stand at your gates when they open wide.
I will thank you Lord for always being on my side.

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