Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Conversations with God

So Softly, quietly your voice comes down to me.
Just before dawn, when sleep has flown free.

So I lie here and allow You control of my mind.
I ask you for names that I could never find.

People whose needs fill them to overflowing.
Those that only You have any idea of knowing.

And so one by one, as your Holy Spirit leads,
Prayers flow from my lips like ripe fertile seeds.

I present each and every last one back to You.
Asking you to plant and sprinkle with morning dew.

It is so early, Lord, the ground is so wet and ready.
And these people You give me are so very needy.

This two-way petitioning is precious at this hour.
The world outside sleeps, I sense your Spirit’s Power.

Needs pass down to me like a vision urgent and new.
I’m not an author just a conduit You flow through.

I want to be moved by others, be available to you.
I desire meaning and want to have purpose too.

Life is so very empty when it is not useful to you.
Praying for others is the work that I want to do.

I’ll never be out of work and my guide will be you!
Oh Lord, I so love these early mornings times to pray!
I know you woke me up, now please tell me what to say,

Your Spirit has blessed me with so much joy and peace
I never want our special prayer times to ever cease.
If it took this pain in me to bring me to my knees,
May you ever remind me of what this schoolroom sees.

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