Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Empty Vessel

You say in your word we need to be emptied of self
In order to be filled with you.
Self left long ago, and so I now pray that my eyes
See from your point of view.
I long for your perception to have pre-eminence
Over my own thought life.
And the one thing that I truly desire is to cease
This self-created life of strife.
And close my ears to that which walks by me
As enticing worldly ways.
If I don’t hear sins feet I will not be enticed
By what the Devil says.
Satan’s wiles have deceived and fooled me
For far too many times.
And if your Spirit directs me I’ll be able to
Watch ahead for the signs.
"Stop" and "Go" are not just rules to read
And then to just drive by,
They are guidelines for life your word calls me
To go ahead and try.
The more I die to self and learn to live for you
The more that I can be
Walking in the Spirit, and can feel that
You can truly set me free.
If I but surrender control of my eyes and my
Ears and my tongue,
The more I trust and know that your Spirit
Keeps my heart true and strong.
A well that is empty and dry is no help to me and
Will not quench my thirst..
But this empty vessel here is a result of truly
Putting my Savior first.

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