Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Sojourner

I am a flaneur walking through the streets of life.
And, as people stroll by I wonder if they know you,
And if not, what can I do to open their eyes and hearts.
So many people Lord, strangers to your love and grace.
Blind followers of the world’s finest, climbing a ladder
That leads nowhere, searching for what they know not.
I want to jounce them awake, point them to the answer.
But at the risk of appearing foolish, scorned for my zeal
I am reticent, just whispering a prayer for each of them.
Spirit of the Living God touch their soul and claim them.
Can I do more? Am I lacking in courage, a white feather?
Am I a foreigner passing by whose heart only you know?
Is my mission to call them to you by the power of prayer?
If so, I gladly comply to such a simple task, a daily plea..
Offering up to you a request for the souls of strangers.
It is not I that does the persuasion but your Holy Spirit,
That gently prods the hearts of all unbelievers. A whisper
That touches their very innermost being and calls them.
"I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep"
I am but a sojourner here and I am on loan to this world.
To do your will Lord is my desire; I listen for your call.
May I be ever sensitive to your voice; bend my ear Lord,
For I have become lax, in repose, confident that my way
is secured at great price; I need to be aroused to the plight
Of others all around me, for if I truly believe in a heaven,
Then I need to be aroused to the fact that there are people
Around me that are blinded and bound for Satan’s pit.
I tremble at the consequence of my falneance and pride.
I often reach towards the prize of a soul won for Christ,
But think little of the lost souls, lost opportunities that
I failed to stop and take time to share Salvation’s plan.
To weep sore at heaven’s door at all I could have done.
Can I look into my Father’s eyes with the knowledge
That I have done my best and finished the race that He
Set before me in this world; will I hear "WELL DONE?"

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