Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am thirsty for you Lord, so I seek my hiding place.
I remove all distractions from my eyes, closing them.

There is no noise here to draw my ears away from you.
Only you can clear my mind, to focus entirely upon you!

I ask You, Lord, to draw my thoughts in like a magnet.
Remove all the clutter and the detritus of every day life

That I may see clearly, look upon your face and worship.
Cause me to drink deeply from your river , Oh Lord

Quench my thirst with your wisdom, for it is endless.
Softly, I speak to you and sense your Spirit falling on me.

Like soft Summer rain You come and I lift up my face,
I now find great refreshment; and my tears flow freely.

The gift of your Spirit is so precious and it quenches
The thirsting in my soul.

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