Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Exchange

I am but a work in progress; God has not finished with me yet!
Sitting yet again in the schoolroom of "A Life Growing In Christ",
But alas, so very often I fail all the lessons He has assigned to me!
Wet cement, I am not yet hardened with the adversity of life itself.
I want to be what He wants me to be every moment of every day.
That is what I say, but saying and doing are so often my undoing.
My focus is drawn away so that again in the same schoolroom I stay.
Scattered thoughts, poor choices, bring no blame to Christ Himself.
It is I that make wrong choices, not looking up or asking directions.
Lessons God has assigned me are tools to graft me onto the tree of life.
A slit is made into that tree; so that gently I am grafted onto the source.
Consider the source of all knowledge, it is He, Jesus Christ my Lord!
When I am grafted onto Him I draw nourishment and strength for life.
It brings to my mind that tree upon which my Savior hung and died.
The bitter hyssop, the sword thrust in His side, and the broken heart.
He gave His life and shed His blood that I might make the right choices.
The great exchange, Christ’s life on earth for my life forever in heaven.

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