Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Marvel

I marvel at creation, not just the world around us, but man.
How can anyone ever imagine this was not part of a plan?
We didn’t happen by chance or just crawl out of the sea,
We’re wonderfully and marvelously made, can’t you see?

If you’ve ever witness a baby born, or heard a newborn’s cry
You’ll know that there is a God who created you and I.
I marvel that God loves me, yet knowing me deep inside.
Nothing I cannot share with Him, nothing I can hide.

A Father unconditional, who knows what’s best for "ME"
One whose vision stretches far and can see what I cannot see.
What a blessed child I am to have a Father just like Him!
One who surrendered His own Son as payment for my sin.

Oh Father, to enter into Thy Heaven I earnestly aspire.
Lord, create in me a burning of the Spirit’s Holy Fire.
May I be ever ready to give testimony of your love.
Cause such longing in my heart for your home above.

That I may be only living in this world and not of it,
One day soon by your heavenly throne in heaven I will sit.

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