Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Father and I

My Father and I are able to talk and to speak of all things.
No secrets from Him do I withhold, no hidden agendas.
He knows all of my fears and the reasons for my tears.
He understands my pain, both the physical and emotional.
God is my confidante; in Him I have placed all of my trust.
There are times when I have thought He has forsaken me,
Closed His ears to my cries, the skies have been my ceiling.
I have been angry, but know I am forgiven, He understands.
But I have found we can be silent but in reverence commune.
My thoughts are not always pure, but He forgives yet again.
He wipes them away; with His healing hands they are no more.
He is an exacting task-master; I would have Him no other way.
To what would I aspire? How can He prune and challenge me?
His nod of approval is all that I need to feed my hungry soul.
His Spirit lives within me, ever prompting, always helping me.
He teaches me discernment and shows me a more sure way.
He leads me out of dark pathways and draws me into His light.
My body fails me He calls upon fellow believers to bind me up.
Hand in figurative hand we can walk this road, or when I tire
He gives me sweet rest for my thirsty soul; Fill me up Lord!
A day has not gone by without Him giving me cause to praise Him.
Exalting His name lifts me, causes me to rejoice in my circumstance.
His all seeing eye watches over me; His greatest concern is for my soul.
There is joy in serving Jesus; like a precious jewel you need to seek it.

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