Friday, September 10, 2010


You Lord are the light that brings joy into my world.
At times all those mundane tasks of everyday life

Drag me down the steps of depression and despair,
Just the mention of your name is like sunshine to me.

Out of clouds you come, filling me with your warmth.
I whisper "Jesus" and I desire to utter it again and again.

It sweeps away the cobwebs and permeates my mind.
Amazing, just the thought of Thee erases despondency

Filling my heart with sweet songs of praise to Thee!
Words learned long ago are as valid today as yesterday.

I was created to worship you, no wonder it lifts me up!
It is obedience to your will that heals my anxious soul.

Worship opens wide the doors of intercessory prayer,
And I know Father that is what you planned all along!

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