Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How I Miss My Church

It’s not just the building I miss, it is so much more!
The smiling friendly faces, the hugs just as before.
I may be resigned to often lying down flat on my bed
But I know at my church prayers for me are being said.

The songs that we sing, Oh how they echo in my ears!
So often when I think of all I am missing there are tears.
I love the sharing for it adds names to my list of prayer.
There is something so liberating when we take time to share!

The best time of all is when our pastor opens up the word.
Even when it is a passage that I know I have already heard.
I find each time he preaches another nugget of pure gold
Hits me with fresh clarity what we are really being told.
And our church family fits the guidelines of God’s word.
In reaching out to others, the best message ever heard!

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