Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thank You Lord!

I thank you for the many prayers
That have been lifted up
To you on my behalf.

Thank you for guiding surgeon’s hands;
You are the great physician!
Thank you for the relief of pain,
For though slow, it has taught me patience.

Thank you for the schoolroom of pain
For it has brought me closer to you.
May I never stray far from you Lord;
Remind me of your constant presence.

These months of waiting for your healing Lord;
They have been so isolating save for You.
For I have clung to you like a tree
Whose roots have been uprooted by storms.

Needy, I have shared my every thought with You,
Our closeness is a thing of great joy.
No-one knows me like You do.
No-one knows the pain I have experienced save You.

You have taught me so much Lord,
And I fear losing the very essence that is You.
When the world once more draws me
Into the maelstrom that is every-day life,

Can I truthfully say that eight years of pain
Has been worth it all in order to
Dwell in the dessert with You and You alone;
I can say YES Lord, and weep.

With isolation came comfort,
And with the sense of hopelessness came
A greater longing for heaven;
To close my eyes and look upon your face;
To feel the presence of Your Spirit
In my sick room has brought such peace to me.

Your words are golden nuggets,
Food that I store for the dark nights when
All is quiet in the house and
It is just Your Spirit and I talking together.

It is at these times that I remember
Your Faithful prayer warriors. and I
Will ever be thankful for their vigilance and love;
Their prayers towards me.

Keep me ever close Lord.
Should You find me wandering away, please
Use your staff to bring me back
To your loving arms, whatever it takes Lord!

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Peter said...

Vonnie, AWESOME!! Words fail at my delight in reading this post!

Current song words that run through my head from Brian Doerksen:

To you O Lord I lift up my soul
I trust in You