Thursday, March 31, 2011

Being Grateful

When you look at others and feel that they have more,
And when you compare you sadly think you are poor.
Time to take a walk onto the other side of the street.
Take a look, a good look at everyone that you meet.
“In our daily life we all must see, that it is not happiness
That makes us grateful but gratefulness that makes us happy.”
We need to learn it is the sweet, simple things in life
That are lasting things, not things that cause us strife.
Cosseting our lives, focussing inward will cause a fall.
Living life outside ourselves, giving to God our all.
Gratitude shouting to others a witness loud and clear.
Bold witness that talks to others, faith and not fear.
When we thank God daily for the blessings He gives,
Joy comes back to us proving, that He really lives.
All we have, all we are is due to Him and Him alone,
Being grateful to Christ who did our sins atone.
That is really living as Christ would want us to,
Gratefully submitting to what He would have us do.

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