Wednesday, March 23, 2011


New Life is growing
Bulbs are now showing.
Listen, a robin sings
Oh what joy it brings!
The earth is so alive
Each bud starts to strive
To flaunt its beauty
As if it is its call to duty.
Pussy willows from sleep
For us to cut and keep.
Soon birds will nest
Doing their very best
To create a safe home
`Til its babies are grown.
Soon they will fly away
As adults they never stay.
The frogs now start to sing
They too know it is Spring.
The cycle now anew begins
God`s hand seen in all things.
Creation from large to small
God has designed it all.
How marvellous is His plan
That he created for man.
A world to love and enjoy
Not for us to destroy.
One day Spring will go
The date we will not know.
The signs are all around
Disasters they will abound.
The end times are very near
The earth speaks so severe.
Awake Christians, awake
Do not your faith forsake!
Hold fast to your belief
For rapture comes as a thief.

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