Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Happiest Man

Whoso motivates his own work day.

And sleeps at night his heart aright.
He who collects a deserved pay day,
Can see ahead to his heart’s delight.

The happiest heart that ever beat
Lies within a humble man’s breast.
Het finds the morning daylight sweet
And leaves to God in heaven the rest.

The humble man can see God clearly.
His eyes can perceive a better world.
But loving God he may payeth dearly
When worldly darts of doubt are hurled.

Each day we decide how we shall live.
And who is going to possess control.
We all have the opportunity to give
To reach out and touch another soul.

The happiest man, he knows the way,
He rises early to read God’s word,
Endeavouring to live Christ every day.
His faith is a walk, and it is also heard.


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