Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Morning Choices

Morning comes, sunshine comes too.
I quickly rise up; so much I have to do!
Too soon I forget my promise to God.
Without taking time, my feet not shod.

My day starts so wrong, I wonder why.
At noon, pulled up short, I stop and sigh!
The discipline is hard and I wonder why?
Christ speaks softly, and He says to me.
“This morning I looked and I did not see
Your head bent in prayer and ready to be

Filled with my Spirit, replenished to go
Out in the world, your faith will show.
People see Me in your face you know.

Satan fights against mornings with Me.
With My word in your heart, others will see.
Recall your feet are shod with the gospel.
When you feel my Spirit urging you to tell

That man at work when he asks you why
Your language is clean, and you do not sigh
At the angry customer who shouts at you.
You have My Spirit and My word too.
So My Spirit’s power is living in you!”

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