Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who Took Over Our Christmas?

“Peace on earth, Good Will to Men” the music plays.
While the Christian sees the crowds and prays.
Shopping and buying seems to be the big pastime.
And patience is forgotten as people stand in line.

Where is Our Christ in all this buying rush?
People want to buy and to be able to do so they push.
Manners are forgotten along with Our God.
Christ’s birth is celebrating our love of this season.

We as a Country have strayed far from the way;
Founded on Godly principles many do not even pray.
Santa takes pride of place in each and every store
And a small box at the side of the door is for the poor.

Looking back to the days when our parents were young.
One gift was fine and in the evening Carols were sung.
Now it is the computer, Ipod, Chat Lines, and Phones.
Our family is fractured and we fear for our homes.

We need to grab on to the new Conspiracy plan.
Refuse to submit to Satan, for we know that we can.
Remember, it is God who is in charge of our plans.
And we can place pride of place back in His hands.

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