Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas is coming, you can tell by the stores.
There are the lists of the “wants” and the “mores”.
New ideas from last year, better inventions to offer.
More things to entice you to open up your coffer.

Flyers and catalogues come flying through your door.
All of them crying buy more, and yes, you need more!
You look at the pictures and they are hard to ignore,

That is just what all the retailers are hoping will start,
“You see with your eyes and you want with your heart.”
Decorations are all up, listen, the music is blaring!
You see, this type of Christmas gets so very wearing!

The ringing of the ‘tills is what the sellers all need.
Now that expensive promoting has planted the seed.
Their profits are their concerns not your bank book.
Once you walk in the stores they have you on the hook.

You’ll find you are thinking more about abundance now.
And it flits into your mind like its planted somehow.
Could it be that Satan likes this early Christmas too?
Taking the thoughts away from Christ and onto you.

If he can but steal away a few lax brothers and see
If their wallets are out at each retail store, there will be
Little money left to send to missions or to help the poor.
He’s won again this year and his count is up once more!

It is his Master Plan to take Christ right out of Christmas,

That way everyone can join in and they just call it Xmas!

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