Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Secret Place

‘Tis a secret place where ‘ere sit with Thee.
Father, Confessor I would’st have none but Thee.
My sins I confess, but I leaveth with Thee.
The burdens Thou lifteth and threw in the sea.
Oh what a wonder Thou forgiveth e’en me.
Thou seeth the turmoil that around me doth grow,
 Only Thee can’st settle; this I doth know.
I ask for discernment, Thou giveth I know.
The world doth sink into depravity so rare.
When looking at this world it depresses me so.
I know Thou weepest, and tell some to go.
Others are committed to stay and to show, 
The very essence of Thee to strangers that seek,  
Some hath not heard, it constrains us not to be weak.
Let me sense darkness when Satan draweth near.
Then giveth me your power that He recoils in fear.
‘Tis a secret place; I can’st stay and look on Thy face.

I thank Thee O Father for Thy amazing grace.

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