Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Way of the Pilgrim

He who walks the way of the pilgrim is he whose heart is rooted in prayer.
To be rooted in prayer one has to learn to live the life of a pilgrim a wanderer.
We are in this world but not of it; we are longing for our permanent home.
Our pilgrimages are not to a holy place of this world but rooted in the next.
We have a known destination, and do not wander around this world of ours,
‘Unless called by God to be a preacher or a missionary as a spiritual activity.’
To us, as evangelical Christians, our pilgrimage is to search out God more,
We trust completely in the Spirit’s guidance, and lean on God’s word.
Being a pilgrim is from the heart of man and reaches God’s very heart.
If we are doing it for recognition or public affirmation it is of nought.

The repetition of certain words prayed to God is not relevant enough.
The “pray without ceasing” Paul spoke of is the rejoicing evermore,
And the giving on thanks in all things which is the will of God in Christ.
Repetition of certain words gives no allowance to the moving of the Spirit.
For how can the Spirit of God bring things to your mind if you are just
Ensconced in the repetition of words; if the Spirit moves you to praise
God He will bring things to your mind which you need to acknowledge.
To just repeat “I confess”. “I confess” leaves no chance for the Spirit to
Speak to you with regards to restitution or works of service we need to do.
Christ does not want a pilgrimage of a thousand steps, He wants your heart.

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