Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Getting the Most of our Your Bible

Don’t start reading the word when you are tired or annoyed.
Come to the Word expectantly or your time will be destroyed.
Always ensure you have no unconfessed sins in your heart.
God hates sin, and it blocks freedom before you even start.

If you wish to have two versions to help you understand easier,
No more than using a dictionary means you are generally lazier.
Surrender to the truths written there having an attitude of prayer.
Expect that you are going to use the truths that are written there.

Take time, though you are often rushed, breath in ready to learn.
Far better you know what the Spirit wants you to be able to discern.
Always be direct, you can ask the Spirit to reveal new things to you.
Come to the word wanting the Spirit to tell you what you can do.

If your attitude is one of anger at someone you know that is a sin.
Don`t heap condemnation on a friend if that is the mood you are in.
Humble yourself before your God for we are all His Masterpiece.

How can you be angry if your feet are shod with the gospel of peace!

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