Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why I Need My Bible

I delve into its pages and I find power for the ordering of my life.
I search out subjects which bring reassurance that I am walking aright.
It offers me an escape from the perils which threaten our modern lives.
Within its pages I find secrets by which I walk in the light; it gives me hope.
It tells me over and over, in all chapters, how precious we are to God.
It shows us the way we can reach out and teach world brotherhood to all.
It tells me wither I am bound God walks with me at all times every day.
What assurance that gives me, it induces me to bend my knees and pray.
But I cannot live on “If Only’s” I must dry my tears and travel onwards.

Without my Bible I would not have a road map of how I am to live.
I cannot argue God’s word because over and over I have found it true.
Daily life is much easier when I read God’s word before I begin my day.
Why did I not start this practice sooner, why did I not learn how to pray.
Walking daily in God’s Spirit is the natural, much easier Godly way.
Oh Lord, why did I waste years rushing to and fro’ wasting my time,
When submitting my all to you would have been to You a Godly sign,
That I had begun to give to You my all, submitting everything to Thee.

You could have molded me sooner into the woman You wanted me to be.

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