Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Bitter Root

Let me share with you the story of the Albizia Tree;
The fastest growing tree in the world.

Jesus used parables to teach people, so similar to analogies.
Read this story of the Albizia tree, be amazed at its ecology.
Grows primarily in Malasia, used for many things, has amazing etiology.
The Guinness Book of Records says “fastest growing tree in the world”.
Its root system is deep, wide and invasive, compared to an underworld.
When you plant by seed you water it well ...  Water for five long years!
Somewhere in its fifth year, a small strong above-ground sprout appears.
It will reach a metre, three feet, in height within that first growing year.
Those first five years it is slowly developing its strong deadly root system.
You can but imagine how far that it travels, in that amazing subsystem!
Its bark is poisonous, very hard and very thick; it would make you sick.
Imagine, five years before you even see that small, hard, poisonous stick!
Deep underground it is working hard to create its strong foundation.
It could tip your house, go through a roof, or unearth a railroad station.
It reminds me of the stealth of sin, especially the sin of unforgiveness.
We often compare it to a deadly cancer because of its aggressiveness.
But the sin of unforgiveness spreads its tentacles within our hearts.
Builds up, and then, with that smallest sprout goes “poof” and starts

A volcano of black roiling lava from your mouth begins to spout
Angry, spiteful words, unforgiveness, bitterness  hate and doubt.
All Satan’s lies, deception, the evil bitter root begins to spew out.
If we would recognize what Satan’s lies within our minds can do.
He wants to weaken and destroy our faith, and even kill us too.
As Christians we must wake up to the havoc of unforgiven sin
That can dwell and grow inside us until we allow Christ to begin
To shine and enter every room of our hearts and minds within.
Begin to sweep every corner, shining His light upon every sin.
It starts out small, just like that seed, and burrows deep within,
Until you ask God’s Spirit in your heart to forgive and deliver you
From Satan’s bitter roots, and asking the Spirit to begin anew.
Destroying the root of years of unforgiveness, and resentment too.
All of Satan’s lies and wiles that have built up over years and years.
The Holy Spirit, Our Guide and Helper, redeems or commandeers
God’s child who ignored the planted seed and destroys that bitter root.
And reclaims that child of God so that he can bear much fruit.
Albizia’s seedpods are light and travel on gusts of air. Once they land, seedpods can lay dormant in the earth until they are ready to sprout. So when the trees are removed, they are not gone. I would suspect that there is probably a substantial seed bank waiting to germinate and come back.

Crews cut or drill holes into the bark and drip a concentrated herbicide, killing the tree from the inside without affecting the surrounding foliage”.: 

MATTHEW 6:15 “But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive you.”

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