Thursday, August 4, 2016

Being Bold

Are we bold enough to tell our neighbours what Christ means to us?
They cannot laugh at us or malign our faith, and we have a big plus.
What do we fear, we talk about our experience if we are sincere.
The Spirit is a plus, we are not threatening, or making a big fuss.
It is what we believe, sharing our faith; what He has done for us.
We are not forcing them, pressuring, or putting them on the spot.
We want to tell them Christ is real, this is not about us, it is Him!
“ Born Again” may be an anathema word; it is deliverance from sin.

Think of how the missionaries must feel, going to a foreign land..
They go with the Spirit, and a language they may not understand.
They have a drive in them “to go” a need that others might know 
Their Saviour personally, and then they teach the how to grow 
In the knowledge of the Saviour which can be a great challenge,
Many already know that Jesus died to make the great exchange.
For often the God’s of that country will be added to the Saviour, 
Aren’t numerous God’s better? and so often they feel a failure.

They work and pray so hard, and ask for our prayers to go too.
For if we have one neighbour here, how many do we rescue?
Missionaries may work for years, then, just as soon as they leave 
The Nationals go back to the old ways, unless they all receive 
Ongoing teaching and really get to know GOD’S face and word.
It is the glue that holds them together in a world that is unstirred 
By the Spirit of God, and when people do not continue to pray 
Without ceasing, here, where things are more clear, and can say

Without fear that a kernel of corn with faith can grow into a field 
But here too we need to pray for another great revival of souls,
Time is short, and there are millions unreached, and our goals?
Is it the Western World that needs the revival, a wake up call?
For the fields are ripe unto harvest, the harvesters are too few.
God will reap His kingdom with or without us, how about you?
The blood that was shed by Christ is not just a historical event.

It happened 2,000 years ago and the cross is why He was sent.

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