Wednesday, March 1, 2017


It is written in God’s word: “There is nothing new under the sun.”
The quest to seek for more, for bigger and better, it hasn’t just begun.
Wisdom, knowledge, work, and acquisition; the search for pleasure
Is as relevant today as in King Solomon’s day , proving beyond measure
That we still toil under the sun, desiring and striving for more, or what?
It all turns to dust in our hands, all the acquiring , and what have we got?
We leave with nothing, only what we have done for Christ will count.
Look and see how the wise does, just as the fool; it is all of no account.

Satisfaction in our toil only comes from our efforts for eternity and for God.
All else is vanity, envy, and discontent is actually a complaint against God.
Through the seasons of discontent we learn humility, God is the constancy.
Only He can satisfy, each day only He will fill our needs, be sufficiency.
We need to look at our lives in a new way, through the lens of our faith.
Pleasure under the sun will not satisfy,; it is fleeting, none of it is safe..
Only God can make the crooked straight, forgive our failings, set us aright.
He can lift us up out of the miry clay and place our feet solidly straight.

When you look at life with all its stressors, with its seemingly aimless cycles
One can become discouraged and cynical, never looking for miracles..
Never considering that only God can satisfy all our yearnings and our greed.
Time, money, accumulation and success can be thought of as our “need’.
What is our identity tied to as Christians, we are told this is not our home.
We are children of the King of Kings, and find our power is in Him alone.
If we live our lives serving others, and find that our sins He did atone.
We will soon find lasting and true happiness and am enduring contentment.
The things of this world will not satisfy, only Christ, that God hath sent.
  • Ecclesiastes 2:11 ~ Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.
  • Ecclesiastes 2:33 & 24 ~ What does a man get for all the toil and anxious striving with which the labors under the sun. All his days his work is pain and grief, even at night his mind does not rest. This too is meaningless.
  • Ecclesiastes 2:26 ~ To the man who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness, but to the sinner he gives the task of gathering and storing up wealth to hand it over to the one who pleases God. This too is meaningless, a chasing of the wind.
  • I Corinthians 15:58 ~ Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.

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