Thursday, January 22, 2009

EVIE ~ A Full-lived Life

(this poem was read at Evelyn's memorial service on January 7th)

I will not live an un-lived life
I will not live in fear.
Of falling or of catching fire,
Or unseen Cancer so very near.

I choose to inhabit my days
So full of God’s Holy Praise.
To allow my living to open me up
To anything God has in store.

I will learn to use the faith that I have
And then boldly ask for more..
In order to make me less afraid,
More accessible and open to faith.

To loosen my heart until it becomes
A torch, a promise, a living thing.
That is unafraid of this Cancerous thing.

I choose to risk my significance
To live so that which came to me
Life, God’s gift, a living seed.
I will allow God to let it blossom in me

And that which came to me as a blossom
I will then pass on to others as fruit.
I choose to risk my significance
To stand firm in my armour of faith.

When there is nothing else I can do,
To live so that which again came to me
Can be looked on as mere happenstance.

I will allow God to do the healing in me,
Knowing God’s sword can pierce and divide
Any Cancer found still residing in me.
By my spoken faith it will no longer be.

I choose to do whatever His Spirit
Guiding me on this healing road,
To cause an unquestioned Victory,
Of what God has revealed in me.
The Cancer will no longer be.

If God chooses to call me home,
Set free from these trappings of human life,
I will have fought the good fight and run the race
And I choose to believe that I’ll look on His Face

Knowing I was redeemed by His saving Grace
My Faith has overcome this evil death blow
For I am immortal and deathless I now know.
Jesus and I will meet you across that short divide
In the blink of an eye we will stand again side by side.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Evie ~ A Jewel

A Jewel went to heaven from our family the other day
We struggled so in letting her go, wanting our own way.
Bargaining with God we all determined to vigilantly pray.
All the time our will we superimposed upon His way.

"This should not be happening to Evie!" we have cried.
Still in shock its so hard to believe our friend has died.
We’re still struggling with the "Why." We rail and we cry,
Forgetting this life’s breath is but a blink and a sigh.

When I ask the "Why," a small voice says "Why Not?"
God did not promise sunshine without rain, life with no pain,
He promised us eternity and said we would all meet again.
In exchange for our trust, life He paid in full forever.

God said He would be with us through trying times like these
Minds full of questions, hearts that are raw, He knows, He sees.
Evie ate the word, she learned and I watched her grow
She placed her faith in her Saviour and truly loved Him so.

To be able to bend our knee to the Sovereignty of God
That is what Evie was able to do, be ready with boots shod.
Being Christian does not mean we are excused from any pain,
It means we are His fulfilled promise to see each other again.