Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Your Spirit now falls down freely as tears bring relief to me.
For truly you are there, I not only feel you,. I breath you.
I reach out my hand and cry, what a blessing you are to me!
I rejoice in sunshine and shadow, in pain that won’t set me free.

Now new hope you’ve found for me, for I know that it was you!
Angels that deliver answers aren’t always dispatched to me.
The Spirit also moves in others in ways that oft confound me.
And He opens doors that have seemed so impossible to free.

New hope I pray is not dashed again on the rocks of despair.
You did not promise me healing but promised you‘d be there.
So how could I doubt when that ceiling seemed to fall on me.
Many have walked this road before me and testify of your power.

How could I possibly doubt you Lord, I hang my head in shame.
Oft times I expect your all answers to come flying on the wind.
Immediate gratification is what I want when I knock at your door.
It’s not like I haven’t been in this schoolroom learning as before.

I know the greatest test is passed when I stop quietly and realize
I may be living the very answer that for now you have given me
And your silence is not because of an offense that I have committed.
My prayers are not spurned, my attitude towards you is unseemly.

Now suddenly, so many answers have come from those that know.
And help that I thought was lost, like your word it has found me.
I pray with repentance full in my heart and seared in my mind.
And I find that the veil has lifted and once more you are with me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life in Thee

Daily, yes daily, I have prayed Lord unto Thee
Hour by hour, your word grows deep in me.

Minute by minute, it is you that sets me free
Second by second, my life I now clearly see.

Moment by moment, I surrender Lord to Thee
The clock ticks my life away until finally I am free.

Time will mean nothing, for heaven's where I'll be.
Eternity will have no clock, just time alone with Thee.