Thursday, January 16, 2014


Thou lovest the very worst part of me.
Thou seest the person You want me to be.
My life is laid bare before Your eyes.
His aim is ever to fill my heart with lies.
I confess, will  not regress, and will him defy.
You are my father forever, still after I die.

Your judgement is sweet before the confessional seat.
Rid Satan’s pestilence before it causeth my defeat.
Given chance, he fills my mind with filth and lies.
He urges me to rid myself of guilt and compromise.

Enticing me to forget my God, despite all He has done for me.
I commandeth him to flee from me in Jesus name for I now see
That he has fear at the mention of Jesus’ name and His blood.
The Bible is clear to me, Christ gave me His lifeblood.

I thank thee Lord for leaving us your Spirit guide.

You speak to me and tell me forever You are by my side.

Lifeblood: The blood required to give us life.
Romans 8:11   “The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you.”

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Completing the Journey

Years from now your journey will be complete.
Years from now your heart will not be heard.
It will cease its faithful beating; all is silent.
Years from now your body will renege on healing.
Years from now your eyes will grow dim .
Years from now we will look on life as a passage.
Every stage should bring us closer to God and heaven.
Years from now age will have completed its cycle.
From baby to child, adult to senior life will changed.
As it changes our confidence will grow for we will know.
What God says He will do will be done, His word is true.

Years from now heaven will seem so much closer.
Years from now you’ll find yourself longing for home,
Years from now this life will not feel comfortable.
Years from now you will awake as if from deep sleep.
You will find yourself in heaven, burdens vanquished.
You will run up to the Saviour and fall at His feet.
There is no fear for God is here with all that know Him.
But we will meet him on the other shore and we will know.
It will be worth it all when we see Jesus, all questions answered,
For He will wipe away all our tears and time will be no more.