Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For My Child

Lord, you have taught me to accept defeat,
To taste the bitter when I sought the sweet.
Knowing the longest night brings hopeful dawn
I gather up the pieces and still go on.

Now, let your Spirit tell me how to treat
A child whose dreams lie broken at her feet.
To share the hard earned wisdom and the calm.
The confidence to be her sore heart's balm.

She is tender Lord, her hurts hurt more than mine.
She is young, and thinks the sun will never shine.
Just yesterday she laughed, and walked in clover.
Teach her that tomorrow is for starting over.

Friday, February 6, 2009


You said your grace is sufficient for me.
That it is in you that my Spirit is set free.

I believe you Lord.

You said you'd give me strength for today,
that life is just time we can never repay

I need you Lord.

You said your strength is made perfect in weakness,
Teach me your power in my obedient meekness.

I trust you Lord.

You said you would wipe away every tear,
That trust in you would not bring about fear.

I am not afraid Lord.

You said you would lead every step of the way
If I'd only my life at your feet gently lay.
I surrender to you Lord.