Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Two Way Street

Prayer is always a two way street.
Interaction that denies distraction.
Urging you to take time to draw aside.
Simply to be quiet and there to abide.
Forget lists of things there are still to do,
Confession is first for it cleanses you.
Removing those walls you feel are there,
Then the peaceful time that is your prayer.

Your praise reaches right to the ear of Him
That takes and washes away all of our sin.
And the more you find to praise God for
Peace will wash over you like never before.
Your focus changes and the Spirit touches you
To pray for others that are in need of healing.
This moving from self into the church body
Is what we call the transition stage of prayer.

For it is no longer “me” but “we” and “others”
And your requests are for sisters and brothers.
This reaching outside of yourself and your needs
These are the meaningful prayers that intercede.
And as they do, they will begin to change you,
For now you are not “one” but you are many too.
Scores of names the Spirit will bring to your mind
And these are the prayers of the “prevailing kind”.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seeking God, Finding Answers

In seeking God, search like you have lost your wedding rings.
Search like you are trapped beneath a landslide and need air.
Dig into scripture as you would dig into that landslide; dig!

You are unable to swim and suddenly you fall out of the boat.
Think of Jesus being the life ring that God has thrown to you.
The extreme urgency that you feel, the deep need inside yourself,
To strive for that watery surface and obtain air for your lungs.

That is the need you must apply in order to enter the realm of God.
Know that you can find God, and in finding know the power of
His resurrection; that has to be so awesome; so great that it is a
Desert thirst that will only be satisfied by Him and Him alone!

Then you will find the Lord, in every recess of your mind and heart.
Your thought life will be tuned to the dial of a praise station that He
Himself owns, but you can control with the ready turn of a dial.

If you require comfort, He is there, ever ready to give you solace.
If you need reassurance, turn to His Word, it will support you.
He freely gives to all who ask; no need He cannot satisfy, for He
Knows what is best for us, but we have to put our trust in Him.

Everyone that seeketh, He promises they will be found of Him.
He who dares to plunge deep, and in doing so, immerses himself
Hungrily in God’s Word, he eats and is replete; and delves again.

This physical venerate only God Himself can recognize inside you.
He has promised to not only find peace for your soul but rest too!

All the gifts of this universe are ours if we but ask, for our Father
Owns all that we see and that which we cannot see, and His word
Tells us that He can see all our needs before we even ask of Him.
“No good thing will He withhold from him that walks uprightly!
Amen, and Amen!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Can

God made everyone so different
Love can bring us all together.
God’s love can change our hearts,
And give us all brand new starts.

God made children of all colours.
Love can see past outside skin.
God’s love surpasses racial barriers
And gives us all brand new hearts.

God gave all of us free choices.
Love can lead us to what is right.
God’s love can keep us on right paths.
And give us all brand new starts.

God made this world so different.
Love can unite all Countries new.
God’s love can help us see with His eyes
And give us all brand new hearts.

God desires us to work together,
Love can help us see another’s view.
God’s love can stop the senseless killing
And give us all brand new starts.

God can bring our world together
Love can cause boundaries to fade.
God’s love can help us to love each other.
And give us all brand new hearts.