Monday, September 24, 2012

Everyone Believes

There is none that can say he does not believe.
He lies down to sleep at night expecting to awake at dawn.
The gardener plants his seeds beneath the sod
Fully expecting to see the Spring flowers push away the clod.
                    He has faith.

What man says when clouds are seen in the sky
Take heart, have patience, for it will clear by and by.
Trust in God most high who sees beneath Winter’s fields of snow
The silent harvest of Spring’s future grow.
God’s power he must know
                    He has faith.

He who lies down on his bed to sleep.
Content to forget troubles locked in slumber deep.
Puts his worries aside for another to keep.
For he hopes that God is not asleep.
                   He has faith.

Whoever says “tomorrow” or “the unknown”
“The future” he trusts in God alone.
He dare not to disown.
                   He has faith.

The man that watches the child’s eye-lids close.
He secretly knows each breath God bestows.
He dares to live when his life offers only woes.
God’s comfort he knows.
                  He has faith.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Our all sufficient eternal God.
In whom our faith hath revealed
Sustenance for all our needs.
I call upon Thee now
Desirous of Thy intervention.
El Shaddai ~ God Almighty

“He who changeth not”
Whose word endureth forevermore.
I claim Thy promises for me, Thy servant.
For I have need of Thy healing power.
Cast me not away in my hour of need.
El Shaddai ~ Almighty God

All seeing eye of heaven and earth
Look upon this mortal body.
Cast Thy discerning eye o’er it.
Knit together the broken parts
Sealing it with Your great physician’s eye.
El Shaddai ~ God Almighty

You who heareth all my prayers.
Who formed this body in my Mother’s womb.
Cast me not aside in my affliction
For I have great need of Thee.
My body grows weary from the incessant pain.
El Shaddai ~ Almighty God

You who art the great comforter,
Let me hide beneath the shadow of Thy wings.
I am fearful of a dreadful outcome.
Grant me Thy peace that I might sleep secure
In the knowledge that Thou are with me.

My Redeemer and my Guide
God of Heaven watch over me.

El Shaddai: “God Almighty” - The Septuagint   - or in early translations “God who is sufficient”
Yaweh - A Mosaic {However, the Greek of the Septuagint translation of Psalm 91:1 “Shaddai” is translated “God of Heaven”
Yaweh ~ A Tetragrammaton meaning “A God who is sufficient in Himself, that is, a self determined eternal being.