Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Joy is perfume you cannot pour on others
Without getting a drop on yourself.
As Christians you cannot sing God’s songs
With all your heart and not feel His joy.
Dance for joy, God encourages us,
And feel your spirit lift.
For the ability to see joy in the simple
Things in this in life
Is one of the greatest gifts God has given us.
He is a wise man
Who does not grieve for the things
Which he does not have, but rejoices
For those that he has.
God’s joy lifts you out of pain and into
The realm of praise.
When you can praise in any circumstance
Then your heart can open to true joy.
“Joy unspeakable and full of glory,
Full of glory.
Joy unspeakable and full of glory,
And the half has never yet been told.”

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Such Christmas Changes

Oh see how you have changed,
Joy of my sweet remembrance!
For once you were the focus, infant babe,
Christ’s celebration Mass, Communion.
Faded, obscured by man’s own lusts.
The trees and lights go up, alas but why?
The masses seldom acknowledge Him.
A mere opportunity to indulge in excesses.
The songs learned long ago still blare away.
As if calling us back to a better time.
Mall owners view statistics and compare.
Will there coffers garner greater revenue?
Thirst for more surpasses thoughts of Christ.
For He fades into obscurity as the years pass.
Beware complacency tied with worldly strings
That pull you away so furtively, unaware.
Enticing you to live as mere worldly mortals.
Forgetting Christ’s birth, death and resurrection.
We must take care not to join the forces of those
That taunt and mock our very beliefs, our faith.
For they disclaim the very reason for this season.
Oh what fools we mortals be, to think good deeds
Earn us eternity; Christ’s sacrifice is the gift.
For Christ the child becomes Christ the King.
Returning soon to claim His rightful place.
Watch and wait, our redemption draweth nigh.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take All of Me

This sack upon my back
So many cups of tears,
These baskets of fears.
Such nail biting worries.
Unreasonable expectations.
Intermingled judgements.
And the sense of failure.
All bundled up inside me.

I gave them to you.
I took them all back.
Faith that You gave me.
Quite suddenly I lack.
Oh how can I escape
Moments of despair?
Only as I come to you
In penitent prayer.

This list of compunctions
They fill me with shame.
For without faith in You.
Such stifling maladies
Will soon crush my spirit.
And destroy my service.
And my witness of You.
My faithful Father God.

Is your Spirit telling me
That Satan’s taunting me?
Grasping my weaknesses
Provoking this despair.
Attempting to turn me
From Your narrow road.
A foothold he requires
A crack in my armour.

He’ll lay waste my vision
Of my heavenly home.
And fill me with doubts
Rejoicing in my loss.

While reviling the cross.
But I will be the victor.
God will provide strength.
And fill me with His power.

I’ll rise above his wiles.
Discern his evil ways.
And rid him from my life
From Christ paid the price.
And gave me His power.
To lay hold of the devil
Demand he depart hence.
For I am Christ’s alone.