Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lord, Bindeth Me!

The dearest idol I have known
What e’re that idol be.
Help me to tear it from Thy throne
And worship only Thee!

Idols I have, not all of wood or stone.
To be sure they’re close to me.
Their beauty hath surely caught my eye,
Their numbers hath surely grown.

And hence they litter up this life.
Drawing me away from Thee.
Perchance they have caused me strife?
Lord would’st Thou set me free
From all that is a curse upon me?

Take from me, hence I can see,
The cross that bindeth me.
So that in This life I can gladly see
That I chooseth only Thee.
The idols of this world will no more
Will have no sway over me.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How I Miss My Church

It’s not just the building I miss, it is so much more!
The smiling friendly faces, the hugs just as before.
I may be resigned to often lying down flat on my bed
But I know at my church prayers for me are being said.

The songs that we sing, Oh how they echo in my ears!
So often when I think of all I am missing there are tears.
I love the sharing for it adds names to my list of prayer.
There is something so liberating when we take time to share!

The best time of all is when our pastor opens up the word.
Even when it is a passage that I know I have already heard.
I find each time he preaches another nugget of pure gold
Hits me with fresh clarity what we are really being told.
And our church family fits the guidelines of God’s word.
In reaching out to others, the best message ever heard!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Every Day Thankful to Follow Jesus

Hello Jesus! A new day lies before me.
And, Jesus, I want to give it all to you!
I want to be just a suit of clothing
For You to walk around in.

Jesus, I’m thankful that we found each other.

Hello Jesus! I’m so thankful that I’m yours.
And, Jesus, I want to place my feet in your steps
I want to walk as you would have me walk.
Say what you would want me to say.

Jesus, I’m thankful that you loved me.

Hello Jesus! each new day and when night falls
That is when I think of you most of all.
For me to follow in your way necessitates
I bend my ear and listen for the Spirit’s voice.

Jesus, I’m so thankful for our church family!

Hello Jesus! help me make my days a way of choice.
I want to surrender my life as a daily sacrifice.
Lead me to those that do not know you, and then
Speak through me the way of salvation.

Jesus, I want to commit myself to serving you.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thank You Lord!

I thank you for the many prayers
That have been lifted up
To you on my behalf.

Thank you for guiding surgeon’s hands;
You are the great physician!
Thank you for the relief of pain,
For though slow, it has taught me patience.

Thank you for the schoolroom of pain
For it has brought me closer to you.
May I never stray far from you Lord;
Remind me of your constant presence.

These months of waiting for your healing Lord;
They have been so isolating save for You.
For I have clung to you like a tree
Whose roots have been uprooted by storms.

Needy, I have shared my every thought with You,
Our closeness is a thing of great joy.
No-one knows me like You do.
No-one knows the pain I have experienced save You.

You have taught me so much Lord,
And I fear losing the very essence that is You.
When the world once more draws me
Into the maelstrom that is every-day life,

Can I truthfully say that eight years of pain
Has been worth it all in order to
Dwell in the dessert with You and You alone;
I can say YES Lord, and weep.

With isolation came comfort,
And with the sense of hopelessness came
A greater longing for heaven;
To close my eyes and look upon your face;
To feel the presence of Your Spirit
In my sick room has brought such peace to me.

Your words are golden nuggets,
Food that I store for the dark nights when
All is quiet in the house and
It is just Your Spirit and I talking together.

It is at these times that I remember
Your Faithful prayer warriors. and I
Will ever be thankful for their vigilance and love;
Their prayers towards me.

Keep me ever close Lord.
Should You find me wandering away, please
Use your staff to bring me back
To your loving arms, whatever it takes Lord!