Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Road

This road I travel seems far too long
And the weight that I carry far too heavy.
The burden of pain was not intended for me.
I reach out to You the origin of my life.
And I beg you, Lord, please to not tarry.
I lift up my hands in reverence to you.
You can take up my burden and carry me too.
One’s focus can be distorted measured by pain.
My eyes tend to waver away from you again.
I know this is temporal and surely won’t last.
Healing will come and I’ll soon forget the past.
The future is what I should now be looking to.
Heaven and the joy of being forever with you.
Whenever the pain distorts all of my thinking,
The fountain head is where I should be drinking
More of you Lord, I want still more of your way.
Seems such a small price that I have to pay.
A glimpse of heaven through the mist of my pain,
Renews my spirit and I can see you once again.
Clasp me Lord, send your army from above.
Branding this body, sealing it with your love.
I will never recant my confession of faith.
Satan’s darts bounce off me, you keep me safe
I am forever yours no matter what happens to me.
I long for that day when finally I am set free.