Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Poem

Small, bright and lush with newness of life unfurling.
Oil in our hands, see as we examine its rapid growth!
The promise of Spring as that bud starts to burst forth.
How like us when first we surrender our life to Christ.
Consider the joy of our salvation, that first new leaf!

The hot Summer leaf wilts under the heat of the sun.
They thirst, for the new tree roots fail to cast deep.
Their vital oil gone, causing them to curl and to dry.
How like us when we fail to drink from God’s word.
Consider how that joy curls in the maelstrom of life.

See how quickly that leaf reaches its Autumn of life.
They let go and fly away at the first gust of Fall wind.
Crumbling to dust at Winter’s swift chill weather.
It is in the Winter of life that you begin to realize
Consider that the leaf dies but we live on forever.

Such a big reminder of my life is that small tree leaf.
For all too soon I have reached the Autumn of my life.
Learning too late objects were not worth all the strife.
My life should never have been attached to this world.
Consider it is easier to walk by faith and not by sight.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Satan's Instructions

I dreamt I heard a conversation,
Of Satan instructing his congregation.
He was sending them out as his anointed few,
And I repeat the dream now here to you.

“Christmas is here, and I’m depending on you
So stand tall, and take note, all my motley young crew.
I need your help at this season, so you must not rest.
So I am instructing you to each do your best.

The lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eye.
A vision, a want, and a dream and a sigh.
Cause them to grow and to fill every mind.
With pride and envy, and pleasures of all kind.

And go to the saints - The more saintlier few,
Tempt them with feasts, and tempt them with brew,
All party and visit and forget even why.
Fill each man with dissension and create a new lie.

To live life to the fullest, there’s no future just present.
Use each moment for self and for everything that’s pleasant.
Don’t forget I am powerful, don’t forget I am strong.
I know the character of man, and I’m, seldom far wrong!

If you find a man lax and weary in well doing,
It’s a signal to you to draw close and start brewing.
Talk about Santa, and talk about toys.
Use your finest of wits, and your sneakiest of ploys.

Now talk about famine and talk about war.
Make them think they are sitting by death’s very door.
Cause them to covet and lust, and fill them with greed.
Fill them with ‘wants’ that they think they all need.

Bring on depression, bring on the fear.
Bring on the worry, and bring on the tear.
Don’t talk about meekness, don’t talk about sin.
Don’t consider the world, and the state that they’re in.

And whatever you do, don’t mention the child!
Don’t talk of a garden that I once defiled.
Not a word of the Savior, not a word of His plan.
To redeem a lost world and to save fallen man.

So go quickly now, for the season is here.
The time for festivities and for good cheer”.
And I heard him exclaim ‘ere he walked out of sight,
“Merry Xmas to all, and now go show them your might!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Your Spirit now falls down freely as tears bring relief to me.
For truly you are there, I not only feel you,. I breath you.
I reach out my hand and cry, what a blessing you are to me!
I rejoice in sunshine and shadow, in pain that won’t set me free.

Now new hope you’ve found for me, for I know that it was you!
Angels that deliver answers aren’t always dispatched to me.
The Spirit also moves in others in ways that oft confound me.
And He opens doors that have seemed so impossible to free.

New hope I pray is not dashed again on the rocks of despair.
You did not promise me healing but promised you‘d be there.
So how could I doubt when that ceiling seemed to fall on me.
Many have walked this road before me and testify of your power.

How could I possibly doubt you Lord, I hang my head in shame.
Oft times I expect your all answers to come flying on the wind.
Immediate gratification is what I want when I knock at your door.
It’s not like I haven’t been in this schoolroom learning as before.

I know the greatest test is passed when I stop quietly and realize
I may be living the very answer that for now you have given me
And your silence is not because of an offense that I have committed.
My prayers are not spurned, my attitude towards you is unseemly.

Now suddenly, so many answers have come from those that know.
And help that I thought was lost, like your word it has found me.
I pray with repentance full in my heart and seared in my mind.
And I find that the veil has lifted and once more you are with me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life in Thee

Daily, yes daily, I have prayed Lord unto Thee
Hour by hour, your word grows deep in me.

Minute by minute, it is you that sets me free
Second by second, my life I now clearly see.

Moment by moment, I surrender Lord to Thee
The clock ticks my life away until finally I am free.

Time will mean nothing, for heaven's where I'll be.
Eternity will have no clock, just time alone with Thee.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wayfarers Road

Be my witness, this is not the road less travelled!
For countless people have passed this way before.
They are sojourners in this life seeking many things.
They have a God-shaped vacuum ready to be filled.

Others are enquirers searching for mind enlightenment.
Desiring substance in a changing world they wander.
Bereft and hungry they search out all forms of religion.
Where did they come from? And will they be forevermore?

Man sees so little, knows even less, so much unproved.
So their enquiring spirit tells them there is something more.
Science changes like the wind stirring up doubts like the
Desert sands shifting, changing every more, unrecognized.

Science tells them there is no God, no plan and no thereafter
Can they risk all they know at the gambling table of life?
What dice these men throw at us, ever changing, nescient.
And in their quest they long for constancy and truth.

A road that will not waver but remains unswerving.
So they seek religious persuasions, empty yet tempting.
For man was made for fellowship with God yet somehow
In the depth of their being they know, and they cry out.

For only one can provide them with clarity and certainty.
None but Christ can satisfy, and the Spirit calls come!
Sit at the wedding table and feast, hunger no more.
He who is thirsty drink from the well that will not go dry.

Cease your desert wanderings, chasing false Gods.
That will only dry up your bones and leave you wanting.
Seek out the true God, He will provide you with His peace.
As Paul did, you will meet Him on your Damascus Road.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My Thirsty Soul

As man in a desert requires water
So does my soul thirst after You, Lord.
When my heart cries for you in my pain,
Your Spirit falls on me as fresh Spring rain.

As man’s body is weak without sustenance,
So does my soul hunger for You, Lord.
When I feel life’s travail a worthless toil
You come to me and renew me again.

As man seeks to find his life’s pleasures
So I determine to find my joy in You, Lord.
Your songs thrill me and lighten my load
As nothing else can in this journey I walk.

As man thinks first of himself in life’s troubles
So often I selfishly neglect You, Lord.
Rather than making you my central vision
I set you up at the periphery of my life.

As man realizes life is not happenstance
So happy I am learning early of You, Lord.
For he who thinks there is nothing more to life
Is as the prophets say a foolish man.

As man tends to search for meaning in life
So I search out my purpose in You, Lord.
For without You life is an empty void,
But with You my pathway is planned ahead.

As man sees day quickly turn into night
So I in all of my travail I run to You, Lord.
And as sun shines on each fresh new day
Once again I feel the warmth of Your breath on me.

As man turns his head away in distraction
So before me I choose to see only You, Lord.
For if my focus can remain solidly upon You.
The attractions of this world will not entice me away.

As my relationship grows with Your guidance,
So my troubles are left at the lichgate for You, Lord.
For I am weak in myself and easily swayed,
And I need to know I am following Your way.

As I get older I dream of You so often.
And I dream of a bridegroom some day, You Lord,
Death holds no fear for me now, no worry.
And Heaven’s door appears open in welcome.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Are You Fooling?

Just what do you think you are doing,
Walking on both sides of the fence?
You think you have everyone fooled,
But the one you are cheating is you!

You are wearing a two-sided mask,
Interchanging it freely at will.
That voice you are ignoring inside
One day will eventually be still.

You say that you believe in God,
But the devil believes and trembles.
You’re so trained in your own facade
Even you don’t know who you are.

You’ve been the driver of life thus far
Changing gears when whomever you meet.
So subtle you’ve become in your deceit,
Only God knows who truly you are!

God knows the road you are travelling,
And He sees the inner works of your heart.
Isn’t it time that you stopped pretending,
And give to Him all of your heart?

Peace you will know beyond measure,
Once you take that mask off for good.
Having firm trust in the Supreme Being
Brings joy this world can’t impart.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Why Within You

You fuss and you fret and you question the reason why
Things are so out of control, and so to God you cry.
When in such despair and you don’t know what to do,
And the question ‘why’ is reaping torment upon you.
Who is running your life, and what is managing you?

What is disturbing you and frustrating you so?
Are the trials of this world bringing you down low?
And why do you flit around like a moth to the light
That will burn you up before it becomes night?
Are the world’s expectations just too hard for you?

When you turned your ownership papers over to Him
Can you truthfully say that you confessed your sin?
Did you relinquish control as He cleansed you within?
If life’s twists and turns are sending you into a spin,
Something is amiss, just what is troubling you?

Sometimes God allows all the confusions in your days
To give strength and teach lessons meant to mend ways.
Time to re-evaluate what is so easily frustrating you,
Things are out of place, His message not getting through.
Stress is merely the indicator of a poor point of view.

We need to release the “why’s” to the Physician’s control.
What troubles the mind also affects the body and soul.
How can the struggle of inner conflict keep you whole?
Christ came and died to cleanse us all and set us free,
From the sin of fret and worry that sore troubles Thee.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Work in Progress

I present myself to Him, confession finished, a work in progress.
Waiting upon my knees I sense God’s Spirit falling upon me,
Like a fine gossamer film, encasing me, filling me with His love.
Not a vision, a presence, a fragrance that permeates my being.

I sing, in my tuneless voice, tears spilling freely down my face.
Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me I then humbly pray.
He that giveth to all men freely if we but stop, seek, and ask.
And I wait in quietness of spirit, my hands and mind open,

Cleared of the detritus of a daily accumulated scattered mind
Focused now on Him and Him alone my breathing settles.
Though my singing voice is out of tune I am in tune with Him.
I am bubbling over with praise for all that He has done for me.

I first think of all the things I want Him to do for me, and yet
How dare I complain when all around me suffering abounds?
Did I expect when surrendering my life to Him a pain-free road?
He promised strength for today; to need strength means work ahead.

"Take my yoke upon you for my burden is light", but undoubtedly there.
To think I am an exception to life’s tribulations would not be fair.
The saying means much, meat is always sweeter closer to the bone".
It tells me that suffering draws me closer to God and blesses me.

I’d rather be empty of pocket and able to sit unblemished at Jesus’ feet.
They say that he who has a heart for God has sacrificed it on the altar
Surrendering pride and endeavoring to lay down the ego of self.
Only to be what He wants me to be every moment of every day.

Pride has no place in the seeker’s life, lay it down at Jesus’ feet.
You know in the sojourner’s life this is but a temporary abode.
If you feel comfortable, you know the Devil has wielded a blow,
He delivers his arrow right through your unprepared, weak feet.

Without the boots of God’s armor we bring about our defeat.
Small, vulnerable, yet so essential to be able to stand on our feet
I’d rather be close to Jesus, wrapped in his spirit resting in Him.
To be girded with truth, filled with His Spirit, prepared to meet
Any obstacle that stands in my path throughout this coming day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Like a single-celled amoeba multiplying, demanding more.
Time wasted in a gerbil wheel whirling around on the floor.
It permeates your mind capturing each and every thought,
Holding it for ransom as your mind spins all for nought.

Fingering worry beads will not alleviate your ceaseless fretting,
You cannot tie up your worries in a bag made out of netting.
When worries inhabit your head God cannot feed your soul
Scattered minds allow no Godly focus for Him to make you whole.

Priorities not aligned with God’s and they are overwhelming you.
Until finally in desperation you cry out to God to see you through.
Remembering the times before on His promises you’d laid claim
You bowed your head in shame and wept reiterating His name.

Our God is faithful, and He is love, and He supplies our need.
And all that worry and fretting does it to give the Devil heed.
Worry is one of the Devil’s tools to keep you pre-occupied
When you gave your life to Christ that worry should have died.
Being secure in Him is allowing Him to be your guide.

Casting all your cares upon Him is the way it ought to be
It is the only way you can walk this life and finally be free.
If God is on the throne of your life Your burdens should be light,
And He will win the battle of worry if you let Him be your sight.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Mask

A changing mosaic, the mystery of you.
Only God can unmask and see what is true.
You can change the moods written clearly on your face,
But to change your heart needs a measure of God’s Grace.

Through the mirror I see a foggy measure of me,
But this is not what I want God, or you to see.

Through the mirror runs veins of weak faults I know,
Silvered poor reflections thwart my desire to grow.

I retire behind my mask endeavoring to hide
The true picture of me that lives down deep inside.

A changing mosaic, the mystery of you.
Only God can unmask and see what is true.
You can change the moods written clearly on your face,
But to change your heart needs a measure of God’s Grace.

I want to make my Father proud of the work I’ve done in me.
But alas His words again come back and will not let me be

I have worked hard to rise above the gratification of me
My works are all in vain for it was Jesus who set me free.

I work because His love has taken up residence inside
There is no need to wear a mask and even attempt to hide.

A changing mosaic, the mystery of you.
Only God can unmask and see what is true.
You can change the moods written clearly on your face,
But to change your heart needs a measure of God’s Grace.

I want to take off this mask that causes me such pain.
And be made alive in the truth that is me once again.

Determined that for all time a charade I will not be,
And lay hold to the Christ whose love has set me free.

Without the mask there will be no need to put on a show,
For the genuine me will be clearly the only one to know.

A changing mosaic, the mystery of you.
Only God can unmask and see what is true.
You can change the moods written clearly on your face,
But to change your heart needs a measure of God’s Grace.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Way to God

If my days were untroubled
and my heart always light
Would I seek that fair land
Where there is no night?

If I never grew weary
with the weight of my load
Would I search for God’s Peace
at the end of the road?

If I never knew sickness
and never felt pain
Would I reach for a hand
to help and sustain?

If I walked not with sorrow
and lived without loss
Would my soul seek sweet solace
at the foot of the cross?

If all I desired was mine
day by day
Would I kneel before God
and earnestly pray?

If God sent no “Winter”
to freeze me with fear
Would I yearn for the warmth
of “Spring” every year?

I ask myself this
and the answer is plain,
If my life were all pleasure
and I never knew pain

I’d seek God less often
and need Him much less,
For God’s sought more often
in times of distress.

And no one knows God
or sees Him as plain
As those who have met Him
In the “Schoolroom of Pain”.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morning Praise

Let’s Praise Him Hosanna sing out loud and clear,
Blend your voices in harmony raised up as a cheer

For you are the children of God
For you are the children of God

Sing out, sing out, unite your voices in song.
Let everyone know that its to Him you belong.

For you are the children of God
You are the children of God

If you do not praise Him the rocks will cry out.
When you are excited you dance and you shout.

For you are the children of God
You are the children of God.

Let’s do what He planned and bend to His way
He gave up His life so we wouldn’t have to pay.

For you are the children of God
You are the children of God

You were created to worship Him and honour His name.
You call yourself Christians yet often feeling shame.

For you are the children of God
You are the children of God

The sun is rising and the SON will be back soon.
So sing with your heart and create your own tune.

For you are the children of God
You are the children of God

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Searcher

Help me Lord, I feel so weary
From daily struggles deep inside.
Please help me know that you are real,
Teach me to abide in your love.

I want to know your inner peace,
The kind hidden deep inside.
Just to feel your sweet release,
And in your love abide.

I'm tired Lord of playing games,
Never sharing my inner thoughts.
Always smiling at the right times.
Seeing so clearly what I am not.

Release me Lord from chains of bondage,
Let me fly with wings on high.
Cut those chains that hold me captive.
I want to soar and touch the sky.

Freedom comes from knowing Jesus,
At least that's what I've been told.
I seach, I cry, I beg to know Him,
And pray one day His hand I'll hold.

Some days are filled with nothingness,
Those days seem so terribly long.
I cry out to God for knowledge,
Just to know to Him I do belong.

I hope one day I will awaken,
With promised of a new dawn's light.
All darkness, sorrow and despair,
Replaced by God's own wondrous light.

That day I'll sing and should Alleluia,
My heart will finally be free in thee.
The past now only a dim shadow,
God has released me, free to be me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Portrait of Our Church

I close my eyes and visualize a portrait of our church hanging on the wall of my mind.
I can see your face, and can call most by name; sadly there are some I cannot find.
So many new faces, such vitality here; phenomenal growth all through the year!
Changes have been made, with more to come; but the thought does not bring fear.

I look at the portrait knowing we are part of it, and feeling some momentary pride.
Knowing it took work and prayer to create this unity, binding talents side by side.
But I see the growth, not only in size, but by looking deeply into familiar eyes.

This is a church of ordinary people expecting extraordinary things to take place.
We determine not to be a church tied up in culture or concerned by looks or race.
Over there are our pastors, busy leaders, weekly expounding the word of God
They know their God given mandate is to ensure our feet are adequately shod.

So strong and yet humble our shepherds try to accomplish a tremendous feat
In challenging us they are driven to see we’re not here just to warm a seat.
I see in this picture brave people aligning their convictions with God’s word.
People whose sustenance is taken from the messages they have heard.
Messengers with open ears and hearts passing on the words they learned
Scriptures preached to us have left their mark and in our minds are burned.

It is no simple picture behind my eyes that depicts not just your face
But one of my brothers and sisters in Christ all saved by amazing grace.
So do not laugh when I talk about the picture behind my eyes wall
Because to me it reminds me once again of God’s greatest gift of all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


In days gone by they noted the passing of time
By placing marks upon a wall, or stretching out a line.
Sands that sat in an hourglass pouring life away.
For man has always known he was not here to stay.

Pendulum or digital, it can only count out the hour,
And sadly the march of time is not within our power.
The brevity of life has always stared us in the face,
But we expected to be granted some extra days of grace.

Even now it shocks us, the steady march of time,
For it was but yesterday your body was feeling fine.
And just where did the time go while busily having fun?
It seems but only yesterday your youth had just begun!

Your children grew so quickly and you did not even know,
For in keeping oh so busy you forgot to watch them grow!
And those that scoff at Eternity are really not that sure,
The minds of Science have not found the elusive aging cure.

More and more Bible prophesy lines up with the passing of time,
We know that in the last times mockers are a watchful sign.
Blessed are those who read and who see God’s words and fear,
And heed the things written there for surely the time is near.

And in the fullness of time all will become alive and clear.
God says time waits for no man of that we can be sure,
So gird your loins, be ready, and keep your hearts pure.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Great Deliverer

Isaac, Abraham’s sweet delight,
Carried wood for a sacrifice,
But God delivered him.

Job did a godly life attain,
Knew sore sorrow and great pain,
But God delivered him.

Joseph refused Potiphar’s wife,
Then knew a prisoner’s life,
But God delivered him.

David kept lambs in tender care,
Faced the fierce Goliath’s stare,
But God delivered him.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,
Into the furnace they did go.
But God delivered them.

Daniel faithfully knelt in prayer,
Cruelly cast into the lion’s lair.
But God delivered him.

Jesus, redeemer of the lost,
Incurred God’s wrath on the cross.
But God delivered him.

Paul and Silas did salvation tell,
At midnight sang in dank dark cell
But God delivered them.

Saints, ransomed by the Saviour’s grace,
Trail of life you’re sure to face.
But God will deliver you.

Faith and trust are demanded of you,
Your hand in His to carry you through,
And God will deliver you too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Lord, I have had such a dry Winter
Oh Father! It was oh so very dry !
There were times when I had not prayed
And all that I could do was to sit and cry.

Like aging bones on dry barren sand,
losing my grip, letting go of your hand.
Questions were many and my answers were few.
There seemed to be nothing of self I could do.

I saw myself groping, it was pain hard to bear.
The burden did not lift, not even in prayer.
Everything of self that I had attempted to do
And all that was left was waiting on you.

I looked to my brother and sister in you,
Did they have the answer to what I should do?
Do they sit there in judgment at my futile desire
To create once again inside me your fire?

Then like a fresh rain you came again to me
Filling my cistern and setting me free.
And I soaked you up refreshing anew,
Finding my rest, depending always on you.
Showing me kindly just what I should do.

I prayed, wanting direction to be led by your hand
Having done all I gathered strength to just stand.
Leaning on friends that were there all the time,
It was your Spirit that sent them a sign.

I see in their eyes there’s no judgment of me
Only wanting to help, for they know and they see.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For My Child

Lord, you have taught me to accept defeat,
To taste the bitter when I sought the sweet.
Knowing the longest night brings hopeful dawn
I gather up the pieces and still go on.

Now, let your Spirit tell me how to treat
A child whose dreams lie broken at her feet.
To share the hard earned wisdom and the calm.
The confidence to be her sore heart's balm.

She is tender Lord, her hurts hurt more than mine.
She is young, and thinks the sun will never shine.
Just yesterday she laughed, and walked in clover.
Teach her that tomorrow is for starting over.

Friday, February 6, 2009


You said your grace is sufficient for me.
That it is in you that my Spirit is set free.

I believe you Lord.

You said you'd give me strength for today,
that life is just time we can never repay

I need you Lord.

You said your strength is made perfect in weakness,
Teach me your power in my obedient meekness.

I trust you Lord.

You said you would wipe away every tear,
That trust in you would not bring about fear.

I am not afraid Lord.

You said you would lead every step of the way
If I'd only my life at your feet gently lay.
I surrender to you Lord.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

EVIE ~ A Full-lived Life

(this poem was read at Evelyn's memorial service on January 7th)

I will not live an un-lived life
I will not live in fear.
Of falling or of catching fire,
Or unseen Cancer so very near.

I choose to inhabit my days
So full of God’s Holy Praise.
To allow my living to open me up
To anything God has in store.

I will learn to use the faith that I have
And then boldly ask for more..
In order to make me less afraid,
More accessible and open to faith.

To loosen my heart until it becomes
A torch, a promise, a living thing.
That is unafraid of this Cancerous thing.

I choose to risk my significance
To live so that which came to me
Life, God’s gift, a living seed.
I will allow God to let it blossom in me

And that which came to me as a blossom
I will then pass on to others as fruit.
I choose to risk my significance
To stand firm in my armour of faith.

When there is nothing else I can do,
To live so that which again came to me
Can be looked on as mere happenstance.

I will allow God to do the healing in me,
Knowing God’s sword can pierce and divide
Any Cancer found still residing in me.
By my spoken faith it will no longer be.

I choose to do whatever His Spirit
Guiding me on this healing road,
To cause an unquestioned Victory,
Of what God has revealed in me.
The Cancer will no longer be.

If God chooses to call me home,
Set free from these trappings of human life,
I will have fought the good fight and run the race
And I choose to believe that I’ll look on His Face

Knowing I was redeemed by His saving Grace
My Faith has overcome this evil death blow
For I am immortal and deathless I now know.
Jesus and I will meet you across that short divide
In the blink of an eye we will stand again side by side.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Evie ~ A Jewel

A Jewel went to heaven from our family the other day
We struggled so in letting her go, wanting our own way.
Bargaining with God we all determined to vigilantly pray.
All the time our will we superimposed upon His way.

"This should not be happening to Evie!" we have cried.
Still in shock its so hard to believe our friend has died.
We’re still struggling with the "Why." We rail and we cry,
Forgetting this life’s breath is but a blink and a sigh.

When I ask the "Why," a small voice says "Why Not?"
God did not promise sunshine without rain, life with no pain,
He promised us eternity and said we would all meet again.
In exchange for our trust, life He paid in full forever.

God said He would be with us through trying times like these
Minds full of questions, hearts that are raw, He knows, He sees.
Evie ate the word, she learned and I watched her grow
She placed her faith in her Saviour and truly loved Him so.

To be able to bend our knee to the Sovereignty of God
That is what Evie was able to do, be ready with boots shod.
Being Christian does not mean we are excused from any pain,
It means we are His fulfilled promise to see each other again.