Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Are You Fooling?

Just what do you think you are doing,
Walking on both sides of the fence?
You think you have everyone fooled,
But the one you are cheating is you!

You are wearing a two-sided mask,
Interchanging it freely at will.
That voice you are ignoring inside
One day will eventually be still.

You say that you believe in God,
But the devil believes and trembles.
You’re so trained in your own facade
Even you don’t know who you are.

You’ve been the driver of life thus far
Changing gears when whomever you meet.
So subtle you’ve become in your deceit,
Only God knows who truly you are!

God knows the road you are travelling,
And He sees the inner works of your heart.
Isn’t it time that you stopped pretending,
And give to Him all of your heart?

Peace you will know beyond measure,
Once you take that mask off for good.
Having firm trust in the Supreme Being
Brings joy this world can’t impart.