Friday, August 21, 2009

The Why Within You

You fuss and you fret and you question the reason why
Things are so out of control, and so to God you cry.
When in such despair and you don’t know what to do,
And the question ‘why’ is reaping torment upon you.
Who is running your life, and what is managing you?

What is disturbing you and frustrating you so?
Are the trials of this world bringing you down low?
And why do you flit around like a moth to the light
That will burn you up before it becomes night?
Are the world’s expectations just too hard for you?

When you turned your ownership papers over to Him
Can you truthfully say that you confessed your sin?
Did you relinquish control as He cleansed you within?
If life’s twists and turns are sending you into a spin,
Something is amiss, just what is troubling you?

Sometimes God allows all the confusions in your days
To give strength and teach lessons meant to mend ways.
Time to re-evaluate what is so easily frustrating you,
Things are out of place, His message not getting through.
Stress is merely the indicator of a poor point of view.

We need to release the “why’s” to the Physician’s control.
What troubles the mind also affects the body and soul.
How can the struggle of inner conflict keep you whole?
Christ came and died to cleanse us all and set us free,
From the sin of fret and worry that sore troubles Thee.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Work in Progress

I present myself to Him, confession finished, a work in progress.
Waiting upon my knees I sense God’s Spirit falling upon me,
Like a fine gossamer film, encasing me, filling me with His love.
Not a vision, a presence, a fragrance that permeates my being.

I sing, in my tuneless voice, tears spilling freely down my face.
Spirit of the living God fall afresh on me I then humbly pray.
He that giveth to all men freely if we but stop, seek, and ask.
And I wait in quietness of spirit, my hands and mind open,

Cleared of the detritus of a daily accumulated scattered mind
Focused now on Him and Him alone my breathing settles.
Though my singing voice is out of tune I am in tune with Him.
I am bubbling over with praise for all that He has done for me.

I first think of all the things I want Him to do for me, and yet
How dare I complain when all around me suffering abounds?
Did I expect when surrendering my life to Him a pain-free road?
He promised strength for today; to need strength means work ahead.

"Take my yoke upon you for my burden is light", but undoubtedly there.
To think I am an exception to life’s tribulations would not be fair.
The saying means much, meat is always sweeter closer to the bone".
It tells me that suffering draws me closer to God and blesses me.

I’d rather be empty of pocket and able to sit unblemished at Jesus’ feet.
They say that he who has a heart for God has sacrificed it on the altar
Surrendering pride and endeavoring to lay down the ego of self.
Only to be what He wants me to be every moment of every day.

Pride has no place in the seeker’s life, lay it down at Jesus’ feet.
You know in the sojourner’s life this is but a temporary abode.
If you feel comfortable, you know the Devil has wielded a blow,
He delivers his arrow right through your unprepared, weak feet.

Without the boots of God’s armor we bring about our defeat.
Small, vulnerable, yet so essential to be able to stand on our feet
I’d rather be close to Jesus, wrapped in his spirit resting in Him.
To be girded with truth, filled with His Spirit, prepared to meet
Any obstacle that stands in my path throughout this coming day.