Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Own Way

Just once in a while I want things all my own way.
And then I rebel against what the Spirit has to say.
I begin try to rationalize just what I am trying to do,
I endeavor to open doors that God has closed too!

Disaster strikes when God then allows me my way.
I finally stop to listen to what the Spirit has to say.
I’ve walked this road so often, wanting my own will.
You would think I would learn to stop and be still.

God’s leading is obvious when you walk close to Him.
It is when I rebel that my way walks right into sin.
Listening is an action word telling me to wait and pray.
Not to move ahead until I know what Jesus has to say.

At times His answer takes too long and I run ahead myself.
Then I tend to ignore God’s word and leave it on the shelf.
It is not until I reach rock bottom that I cry out to Him.
"Dear Father please help me for I find I’m locked in sin!"

I ignore the Spirit’s voice as He’s called "come this way".
I run ahead and ruin things, not caring what He has to say.
"Forgive me Father, can we wipe my slate clean again?
Every time I try to rule my life, it always ends in pain.

This schoolroom is familiar, the one of "My Own Way".
The lessons are so costly for its with my growth I pay."
Like a stubborn goat that keeps banging against a wall
I refuse to surrender myself to Him until I take a fall!

I want to be used of Him and not such an impatient child.
Why can’t I learn to be more gentle, meek and even mild?
My own way has always lead to such a disastrous walk
Once I rebel against you, I neglect to listen to You talk.

Oh Lord, if only your Spirit could jolt my point of view
Point me in the right direction, point me right to YOU!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Worry - The Plan

Some people simply name them “worry beads”
But I know in myself these are Satan’s seeds.
If worry is of Satan and not an impulse of man
This spore that grows inside me is part of His plan.
If he can chase myriad worries around in my head,
My thoughts are not my own but are His instead.

He captures my mind, His seeds flourish and grow
Then those seeds of doubt He will carefully sow
Quickly they consume and then they shackle me
So that my life is no longer God’s, no longer free.
That is how the subtle Prince of Darkness begins.
We’re unaware worry and doubt are His cache of sins.

If He can capture our thought life He knows He has won.
For we will have little time left for knowing God’s own Son.
If we cannot leave all our burdens at the foot of the cross.
Then this new life in Jesus we can count it all but loss.
Worry , dis-ease of the body, Satan’s occupation for man..
I think He spends all His time creating such a plan.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It is as if a living entity transgresses my unseen mind.
Filling my head with thoughts that I never expected to find.
I am deep in prayer, thoughts of God refreshing my soul.
Then in an instant all is changed and he tears my life apart.

It is then a fleeting shadow, Satan captures me once again.
With needless trivia he causes me so much shame and pain.
For he has stolen my thought life, destroyed my desire to pray.
And he has replaced it with endless lists or needless fears
More abhorrent is the fact that he’s been doing this for years!

He doesn’t restrict his thought-theft to my devotions at home,
He even attacks me when I am listening to music all alone.
I’ve even found him in my church pew sitting right next to me.
His critical spirit changes my focus until through his eyes I see.

I’ve caught him before Communion; learned to prepare ahead.
If I didn’t fight to contest him, the message goes over my head.
He is wily and so wicked and he knows the weakest part of me.
I feel such a deluded failure when his scheming I do not see.

Depart from me I often shout, for I know your name so well!
Oh if only I could send you to the deepest depths of hell!
These thoughts have no part to play in God’s own worship time.
I want no portion of you here and I stand and draw the line.

But alas my peace he has broken and filled my heart with fear!
For if I commence talking to Satan he has stolen my very ear!
Through a ‘chink’ in my mind he then controls my worship hour
Causing me to cry out to God, “Send down Your Holy Power!”

To annihilate this devil who knows where my weaknesses lie
To allow this spawn of darkness to invade my worship time.
With thoughts so wicked I scarcely can believe they are mine!
I determine to become more aware, I will not cower and cry.

I have the power of the Spirit given to me with full control.
I have been given plenteous verses of scripture available to extol.
God’s word says he searches to and fro to find whom he may devour,
But my God is always listening and I must draw upon His power.

Being more assertive I will strike even before I commence to pray.
Using stronger language claiming Jesus blood, demand he goes away.
And one day I am going to meet the devil on equal battle ground.
I will then have all of my armor on, and scripture will be found.
He’ll whisper a word, a sly suggestion, in that way he tends to do.
And I will be prepared for him, Lord the battle will be won by YOU!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SONlight of My Day

Barely has another new day begun
When you come to me as the morning sun.
Breaking the light after a night of pain.
Showing me your love and care once again.

Sometimes the sun shines ever so bright,
But inside there are clouds as dark as night.
I thank you Lord that you are my all in all.
You sooth my pain when there is a squall.

No matter how difficult the road I travel gets
You hold my hand until once again the sun sets.
Always by my side, always you are my guide.
You experienced pain and rose again, death defied.

How can even I murmur at my own happenstance!
It was you that died and offered me a second chance.
My Praise of you obliterates the focus on myself.
I’m certain it is prayer that is changing my health.

You wipe my tears and make the pain go away.
You let hope shine bright when troubles are at bay.
You inspired life in me when no-one else could.
You’re my rock, my stronghold where I have stood

You told me to be aware and keep my armour on.
The victory of battle was one that you have won.
I will stand at your gates when they open wide.
I will thank you Lord for always being on my side.