Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Bed

Lie here with me Lord, for it is far easier for me
When this broken body can lies flat upon my bed.
Pain so often flees for a while, like a bird set free.
Finally, it is just You and I, expectant and secluded.
Is it not glorious that I am blessed by You in this way?
I know that in an instance Your Spirit will fall upon me
Capture my mind and quieten me, so I wait upon Thee.
I am fed with nuggets of truth drawn from Thy word.
Many learned long ago that your Spirit hath recalled.
Or perhaps He will nudge me and allow me to see
People who need interceding prayer requiring me.
No matter what, no reason, why does there need to be
Thou art here, Thou art here.

Now please cover me Lord with your blanket of love.
This bed can become cold while I am steeped in prayer.
You have blessed me so much with Your presence Lord,
There is more of You if I set no restrictions on Your power.
Blessings do not need to be worldly goods or even health.
Intrinsic treasures, peace and joy that cannot be destroyed..
Serenity is a golden chalice that appeases the thirsty soul.
For I am lost without these gifts, my eloquence is nothing.
There is no need or limit that I cannot bring to You in prayer.
I desire no pious magic wanting to control You, to exhort;
Praying in such a way for the right things, sure to get results
For You must be the judge; my task to petition all to You.
Thou art here, Thou art here.

God’s promises to the prayerful: John 14: 12 - 17, 15 - 7 - 10, 16: 23 - 24
His exhortation to vigilant prayer: Luke 21:34 - 36, Matthew 24:32; 25:13

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hold Fast

Hold fast to your faith, for if faith is lost
Life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.
Faith is a substance that you cannot hold
In your hand, nor can you visualize it.

But you can know the bid-products of faith,
The joy, the peace and hope that lies within
Every believer; without faith it is impossible
To please our God, so says His Holy Word!

If you have faith you can see God, for He is
Everywhere in this world of ours, and you
Can have a place reserved for you in heaven.

But Satan roams about like a roaring lion
Seeking whom he may devour, beware he
Wants to steal your faith, he wants your soul!

Hold fast, don’t allow life’s adversities to
Rob you of your faith. Temptations will come,
Be assured and watch, and always be ready.
Satan will come at the least expected moment.

Watch, Pray, and be Ready!