Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In Secret

Lord, I want to serve Thee quietly.
Not seeking praise, I remain unknown.
Led by the Spirit, Christ on the throne.
Service done to bring glory to You.
There is no greater joy I can ever do.
Thankful to be a secret worker for you.

Lord, I want to serve, name unknown.
I want to reach others, but only as You lead.
I’ll pray that the Spirit will lovingly intercede.
So I don’t run ahead and His plans impede.
Holy Spirit be my guide, stay by my side.
Wherever I go I need You by my side.

It is your constant love that guideth me.
For Christ died that others might see,
The reality of Christ living through me.
And see the joy I have in serving Thee.
I want to be, an empty vessel for You to fill.

Waiting for You to show me Your will.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Lord, lead me to some soul today,
Then Holy Spirit, just how I should pray.
Teach me patience as I wait upon Thee.
Let it be You that speaks through me.

If I truly believe in a living, saving God,
I should be prepared, my shoes already shod.
Ready to give answers to people who ask me
Why I believe that Christ has liberated me.

My heart’s desire is to win someone to You.
But oft times I despair at what I fail to do.
Not waiting to pray I run ahead of Thee,
Patience flees from me and I fail to see

Deeper, still deeper into the words of Thee
That is where my thoughts should always be.
Away from the world’s conception of living,
Reaching out to others that is really living.

A kind word here, a helping hand  there.
‘That is the witness you want me to share.
A word in season that is spoken to me,
Your Spirit has the key to set men free.