Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Closet

Father, why the closet, why the closing of the door?
I have questioned this and pondered why before.
Quietness, darkness or private communing with you?
What were you saying when advising me what to do?

Was it to help me remove the shackles that bind my mind,
So that in a cloister I could be quiet and more easily find?

In dark seclusion time set aside in reflection of you.
I walked into a small dark room intent on finding out
What your word meant, what the closet is all about.
Sitting there in utter darkness with nothing else to do.

Your Spirit in there with me revealing my sins to me,
And I unburdened my heart and feel release so free.
Something happened in that closet in closing that door.
Time just stood still and my fretting was no more.

Sitting was something I should have done long ago.
The act of subservience that you taught me, I know.
Tears of repentance for all that you have done for me;
For you are the great deliverer that set this sinner free.

Just waiting in your presence with a longing deep inside.
Was a beautiful experience that I never want to hide.
This is our quiet time, for you always hear my cry.
Raising my hands in worship I breath a cleansing sigh.

I now walk out that door feeling refreshed and clean,
Knowing that by others my pilgrimage was unseen.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seven Days of Prayer

Seven days of prayer renew my mind and change my perception
The more time I spend with you the more you show me direction.
“Living on the daily bread and drinking at the fountain head”
They are not just words of a song that are so easily said.

They are words of praise acknowledging the very essence of you.
I know, because I choose to spend my time praying through.
Bubbling up within my heart is eagerness and not defeat.
It is a burning inside me, I simply must sit at your feet.

Prayer is such joyous conversation to share daily with you.
Words of praise I give to a God whose word is ever true.
No quick platitudes or verses said as I fly out the door
Not satisfied with my wants, digging deeper I want more.

If only I had realized the importance of prayer in my life.
It would have saved so much struggle and vanquished strife.
I want to love you freely and to see you in the light of salvation,
Stripped of vanity and pride, and from you no condemnation.

I know that if I had simply surrendered all my burdens to you
You would not only take up my burdens you’d carry me too.
How complex I am that I come to lay troubles at your feet
But only when I reach the point that I realize my defeat.

Yes, the seven days of prayer mean a heavenly point of view.
If I am in your chosen place here I am ever talking to you.